Creative Alchemy/Surfing the Rainbow by Sue Johnson

Creative Alchemy: I was quite surprised when this book arrived as it was much smaller than a standard paperback, more of a pocket book. Then I started reading it. Don’t be deceived. Good things really do come in small packages!
This book, written by author and creative writing tutor Sue Johnson, is packed to the brim with brilliant tips and guidance to help you write. It has some wonderful exercises to do to get the creative juices flowing and not a word is wasted. There is no waffle, no padding. Each page is full of wisdom from someone who obviously knows how to teach. It really is a course in a book. As I was reading it ideas were already forming in my head that will enable me to improve my own work in progress immeasurably.
If you’re new to writing, stuck for ideas, lacking in inspiration or just plain lost in the muddle of a draft that seems to be going nowhere, pick up this book and watch the fog clear. Highly recommended. 5/5

I’m updating this review to comment on Surfing The Rainbow, Sue’s latest book. This has some content that is very similar to the stuff in Creative Alchemy. However, there is the addition of a look at chakras, relating them to creative writing. Sue shows how to balance the chakras and utilise them to unblock your creativity. She gives exercises to do for writing and visualisations  to aid you in your path to writing what you see in your head but can’t get down on paper. There are relaxation techniques, too.  A unique approach.

“‘Surfing the Rainbow’ is for anyone who has tried and failed to create the novel of their dreams. If you have been held back by negative messages from the past, or feel your imagination has gone away, then the exercises in this book will help to guide you back to the path of creativity and exploration. Color code your writing – follow the rainbow until you find the gold.”


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Creative Alchemy
Creative Alchemy


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