Escape For the Summer by Ruth Saberton

I was really looking forward to reading this. I loved Katy Carter Wants a Hero and hoped that this novel would be as good. It was actually better.
This is the story of Andi, her sister Angel, and Angel’s flatmate Gemma. All three girls have reached rock bottom in their lives and, having nothing left to lose, decide to head off to the glamorous Cornish resort of Rock for the summer.
Angel, whose life and career plan is to simply find a rich husband, is mortified to find herself staying in a tatty caravan, but soon sets about creating the image of a wealthy young woman to attract her future spouse. Andi, the solid, reliable sister who has always taken care of her, quickly finds a job working for a wealthy businessman thanks to her boss’s attractive but broke brother. Gemma, a budding actress who has struggled with her weight and is under strict orders to lose the pounds or lose her agent, finds herself colliding (quite literally) with a fellow foodie, and tries to make amends in the way she knows best – through his stomach. Unfortunately, her new friend is under even more intense pressure than herself to get trim and there are plenty of people determined to keep him well away from the girl who may be too much of a temptation in more ways than one.
I have to say I loved all the main characters in this book. It’s not easy to come up with three likeable, yet very different heroines but Ruth has managed it beautifully. Not only that, but she has managed three heroes who prove to be worthy of our lovely girls.
Of course, there has to be many twists and turns first before there can be a happy ending, and the author provided plenty of those with plot twists and red herrings galore.
The novel is very well-written and Ruth really has a gift for metaphor. She also describes Cornwall so beautifully and so vividly that I felt a huge longing to be back there, soaking up the sun and hanging out with such lovely characters.
Each of the protagonists goes through a satisfying character arc and I ended up feeling extremely proud of them – particularly Angel who at first glance seemed rather shallow. Then I thought, why would she hang out with Gemma if she was that one-dimensional? There has to be more to her than that. And there was. Her concern for Mrs Yuri, her love for her big sister, her protective attitude towards her best friend are all clues that there is a lot more to Angel than first meets the eye, and the reader soon learns that she has grown a protective shell after a less-than-happy childhood and a tragic loss in her life. Angel probably goes through the biggest changes and I was hugely glad that she found her own hero eventually.
I cheered on Gemma as she learned to take a compliment and believe in herself, and adored Cal, who fought his own battles and loved his girl just as she was.
Andi, responsible, serious Andi, needed someone to take care of her for a change after being badly let down in both her romantic and professional lives. Such vile betrayal is hard to cope with, and learning to trust again is hard, but the divine Jonty soon brings a smile to her face and he seems to be just the antidote she needs to the poison in her past. But Jonty has his own secrets and Andi’s faith is tested once again. I loved this romance and felt Jonty was the perfect man for Andi. And what a fabulous ending!
There are some real laugh-out-loud moments in this book and it’s a perfect summer read. It held my attention the whole way through – in fact I bitterly resented having to put it down when real life called!

A real Cornish treasure! 5/5

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Escape for the Summer

Escape for the Summer


So, Six Weeks Later…

Hello! Look it’s me! I’m back! 🙂

‘But, Sharon,’ I hear you cry, ‘where have you been? We’ve missed you so much.’

Then I woke up. Be honest, you didn’t notice I was gone did you? Did you? You fickle bunch!

To be fair, it’s been a while so I can’t really blame you if you’ve forgotten all about me. About six weeks since I last posted on here (shameful) apart from some book reviews. I do apologise. I am a very naughty blogger.

So what have I been up to that’s kept me away from the lure of this beloved blog? Well, quite a lot actually.

Firstly, and most importantly, I was at the birth of my fifth grandchild. Little Caitlyn-Rose arrived in the world at the end of April weighing 6lbs 15ozs, with big blue eyes and lots of dark hair and little fists that curled around my finger the very first time I held her – which was just moments after she was born. I even cut the cord! What a thrill. So you can see that, actually, I’ve been rather preoccupied – not least because one of the least likeable characters in my novel was called Caitlyn and I’ve had to change that now. Can you imagine the scene if I hadn’t? Sixteen or so years down the line and a tearful Caitlyn saying to her mother, ‘Didn’t Grandma like me? Why has she called that spiteful cow after me?’ It simply wouldn’t do so the name had to be changed, and it’s surprisingly difficult to do that when you’ve spent so long thinking of a character by a certain name because nothing else seems right! I warn you now, grandchild number six is arriving in the world in mid-June so I may be a bit pre-occupied all over again. I tell you, this family is expanding so much I will seriously have to think about cancelling Christmas or limiting everyone to a selection box as a gift.

A couple of weeks ago I met up with my two writing pals, Julie and Alex. Like me, they are members of the RNA NWS and, along with seven other ladies, they are part of the Write Romantics. As we all live within an hour’s drive of each other we decided to have a catch-up over coffee and cake. Both girls have been submitting their first novels and we had a lovely chat about rejection *sigh*, self-publishing, agents, the RNA, our own writing queries and thoughts – and Musketeers! Julie is writing a trilogy of books set in a fictional seaside town and has already sent Book Two to the NWS and had her critique back. She is now working on revisions as well as sending Book One out into the world. Alex is writing a series of romantic suspense novels – the first of which, Beltane, is set in Glastonbury and has had some very positive feedback. Fingers crossed for both the girls! We had a simply fabulous afternoon and I for one can’t wait to meet up again.

A few days later I got a message from Alex asking me if I’d like to submit a short story to an anthology the Write Romantics are releasing later in the year. This will be in aid of two very worthy charities – the Teenage Cancer Trust and Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I don’t generally write short stories – although, funnily enough, I did write one a few weeks ago completely out of the blue. It’s not really suitable for this anthology, though, which means I must put my thinking cap on. It’s truly terrifying. Not only are all the fabulous Write Romantics contributing a story, but also authors such as Zanna MacKenzie, Samantha Tonge and Alison May. And there’s little old me in amongst that lot! Crikey, talk about scary! I guess I’ll be brushing up on my short story skills, then. I’m lying, I haven’t got any short story skills. I’ll be developing them from scratch, crying a lot and eating chocolate in indecent quantities.

And, in case you’re thinking, well big deal. So she had a new granddaughter and met up with her pals, is that any excuse to ignore this blog which we love and treasure so much? Quite right, it’s not. But I have been incredibly busy on the writing front. Not only did I finish the first draft of Book Two but I have been working very, very hard on the edits for Book One. I have almost, almost, finally decided that I am going to self-publish it, and I’ve set myself a deadline. I want this book out in the big wide world before the year is out, and I’m now looking at cover designers and other services to see what’s out there and what I want to do. The name of the book has been changed – after running four different titles past Alex and Julie and asking which they preferred and finding they liked the name I’d given the book almost from the beginning and only changed a few months ago. So Book One of The Kearton Bay Chronicles is called There Must Be An Angel and, fingers crossed, you’ll all be able to read it this year! Gulp.

So, you see? I haven’t been wasting my time and ignoring you all for the fun of it. (The ‘F’ key on my laptop just decided to play silly beggars – you have no idea how hard it was to write that last sentence!) Anyway, the point is, I’m back. Did you miss me?

Oh God, just had a Sherlock flashback. The evil but compelling Moriarty…the striking theme tune…Benedict’s eyes. Nope, sorry, I’m done here now. There’s just time before I head off to the day job to watch that episode all over again. Me, waste time? Never!

Have a great week xx