And the award goes to…


Most Influential blogger award


I don’t know. You wait years for an award – any award – and then two come along at once! I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award by Tracey Scott-Townsend, author of the truly outstanding debut novel, The Last Time We Saw Marion. Tracey’s blog, Traces in Time is quite lovely. Find it here. I’ve also been awarded the Most Influential Blogger award by those lovely Write Romantics. I’m quite stunned by both awards. Thank you, ladies.

Apparently, I have to pass the baton on. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a whole host of fabulous blogs out there. Who to choose?

Well, for me, the Most Influential Blogger award should go to Jane Badger, whose blog – Books, Mud and Compost. And Horses. – is endlessly fascinating, inspirational and fun. Jane is THE expert on pony books and her book Heroines on Horseback, published by Girls Gone By, is a truly fabulous source of information about the books I read and loved growing up. You can buy the book here. Jane’s blog also covers book reviews, lots of horsy stuff, and she has some great guests, too. Find Jane’s blog here.

Now for the versatile blogger award.

To those I’ve nominated, here are the rules for nominating your versatile bloggers:

“When you consider nominating a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page. Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.”

Nominated bloggers should also tell the person who nominated them, seven things about themselves.

Seven things? Really? Blimey, I don’t think I have seven things to tell, unless they don’t have to be interesting in which case I could tell you loads of stuff. If you want interesting things, however…well, I may be gone for some time.

Okay, I’m back. I’ve only been away three hours. Well, here goes…

1. I’ve been married to the same man three times – and I’m still wondering if he’s Mr Right. (It’s okay, he never reads this!) 😉

2. A lollipop man once stopped a car carrying The Bay City Rollers and made them wait while I crossed the road. Ha ha. I always preferred The Osmonds.

3. I have a vast collection of pony books and Enid Blyton books and still read them. I don’t care how old I get. God forbid my childhood books ever lose their charm.

4. I have spent a long time researching my family tree and discovered that my great, great grand-father was Prussian. A fact no one else in the family knew. I also found out that I am distantly related to the wildlife photographers Richard and Cherry Kearton. Just after discovering this fact, I found a book written by them in a second hand bookshop in Beverley.  To this day, I regret not buying it.

5. Almost all of the characters in my novels have the surnames of my ancestors.

6. I wrote my first novel – about a ballet school – when I was about eight, made everyone call me Jill when I was a child (after my favourite pony book heroine) and wrote under the pseudonym, Sharon Elizabeth Baxter. Don’t ask me why. I distinctly remember drawing a cover and titling my second novel The Elizabethan House by Sharon Elizabeth Baxter. I was about nine.  I was a very odd child.

7. I am a very shy person and find it extraordinary that the solitary occupation of writing has led me to meeting so many interesting people, making friends, socialising and putting myself “out there” in the public eye. I’m extremely happy in my own company so the last couple of years, networking, blogging, even physically meeting up with fellow writers has been at times scary, challenging, but fun!

So here are my Versatile Blogger award nominations:

Roz Morris, whose Nail Your Novel blog has provided me with so much information, advice and inspiration. Roz’s books on writing and editing were enormously helpful to me, too. No doubt she already has a multitude of awards and may even have this very one already but she’s never been awarded it by me before, so there! Find Roz’s blog here

The Write Romantics are a bunch of writers with a varied mix of writing achievements. Some are in the NWS, some are self-published, some are traditionally published. All are extremely talented. Their blog is fabulous and they pose some fantastic questions in their Wednesday Wondering slot and have interviewed some marvellous guests. See for yourself here.

The New Romantics 4 are – unsurprisingly – four writers of romance who are truly inspiring. They are indie writers who have had amazing success and are a great lesson in determination, talent and hard work. They have a great grasp of the media and marketing and are four really generous, kind women whose love of the written word shines through. Find them here.

I’m actually supposed to nominate fifteen bloggers for this award. I’m stopping at three because, frankly,  I’ll be here all day and I have a job to get to. I should also say that I won’t be in the slightest bit offended if those I’ve nominated don’t take up the baton. They are all extremely busy and time is precious. I just wanted to say how much I admire them all!

Hope you find the time to pop by and have a look at them all. They’re well worth a visit!

Have a great week xx

15 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

    • Yes, I was wondering about the husband too!! I particularly like your third choice Sharon as The New Romantics 4 are my favourite local authors. I have read each of their books and have really enjoyed them all


      • They’re fabulous, aren’t they? I’ve read both of Lizzie’s, the first of June’s and Adrienne’s and am just reading Mags’ now. I will definitely catch up with the rest of the novels as soon as I can. Four very talented ladies, and lovely, too! Thanks for visiting Sarah 🙂


  1. Yes, I’m curious (ok, nosy) too. Think there’s a plot idea there. Okay, being serious for a moment, thank you so much for mentioning/nominating the New Romantics 4 on your blog tour. I’ll be saving this one to my bookmarks bar and checking the other bloggers out who you’ve mentioned over the next few days. Good luck with your own submissions – publication is just around the corner. Keep going.


    • Thanks, Lizzie. And you’re very welcome. I am currently reading the fourth New Romantic’s novel. I haven’t read Mags’ books yet so it’s her turn now! You’re right, publication is just around the corner – one way or the other! 😉 x


  2. Congratulations Sharon! Totally deserved 🙂 Thanks for nominating the Write Romantics. I enjoyed reading your seven fun facts and now have this lovely image of you writing pony books when you were eight.


    • You’d be quite right! I wrote nothing else for years. One of my primary school teachers actually called me to his desk and asked if I thought it possible that I write a story with no ponies? I was quite indignant and told him firmly that no – it wasn’t possible actually! 🙂


  3. Who doesn’t love a story with a pony in it? Good work, Sharon and congrats. My pony, a beautiful, over 16 hands dressage horse called Marco is living in 5 star retirement with a friend in the next village, has a string of polo ponied as girlfriends… Thinking of renaming him, Heffner!


  4. Ha! Love it. What a happy retirement he’ll have. We should all be so lucky. When I draw my pension put me out to grass with a herd of Musketeers. 😉


  5. Thank you so much for the award, Sharon, and congratulations on both of yours 🙂 I’m not sure how we’ll manage the 7 facts between 9 of us but I doubt they’ll be as fascinating as yours (well, mine certainly wouldn’t be). Absolutely love the idea that you’ve given your characters surnames of your ancestors. That’s a pretty special legacy 🙂
    Julie xx


  6. Thanks, Julie. Researching my family tree was fun but it took up all my time, energy and a lot of money. Since starting writing again I haven’t done any more research sadly but I have three thick folders of certificates, photos and information waiting to be put on disc. It made me feel very close to my ancestors. I found out a lot of personal things about them and felt really bonded to them, which probably sounds strange but it’s amazing how protective you end up feeling of them and how fond you grow of these people who you never met but without whom you wouldn’t be here. I just wanted to remember them in some way. Not all the characters are named after them but most are.
    Looking forward to reading your facts. I should think that with 9 of you on the case it will make very interesting reading! 🙂
    Sharon xx


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