I’m a Very Inspiring Blogger!

I’m a bit stunned to tell you all that I’ve been nominated for another award! This time it’s the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and I was nominated by fellow RNA NWS member Heidi-Jo Swain. Heidi-Jo is currently running a weekly feature called Our Path to Publication where various NWS members tell us about their writing journey. Look out for my contribution on August 8th! Read Heidi-Jo’s blog here.
Here are the rules for accepting the award:
  • Thank and link the person who has nominated you
  • List the rules and display the award
  • Share seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs, comment on their posts and let them know you have nominated them
  • Optional, follow the blogger who nominated you, if you don’t already do so


Seven Things About Me
  • I have more books on my Kindle than I can probably ever get round to reading but I still keep buying more
  • I am Yorkshire born and fiercely proud of it, but I am rather in love with Cornwall and feel guilty because of it
  • I deliberately give my husband the wrong directions when we go anywhere because I like to take “the scenic route”
  • I have made the decision to self-publish my novels and will be publishing my first novel There Must Be An Angel early in 2015
  • The first time I visited Glastonbury I was so moved and overwhelmed by the place that I actually cried in the street *blush* 
  • I love researching my family tree and have developed a huge affection for my ancestors and would love to be able to talk to them
  • I absolutely love visiting new places and I especially love pretty villages and stately homes and castles.

Now, having revealed a little too much, my 15 nominees are:

Jill Marsh, inspirational indie writer of crime novels featuring a fabulous heroine, Beatrice Stubbs. Jill writes as JJ Marsh. Find Jill’s blog here

Jane Lovering, whose blog is consistently funny and cheering. Find Jane here

Jane Badger, who never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and passion for her subject and the hard work she puts into her blog which you can find here

Jessica Redland, a fellow NWS member who charts the ups and downs of her writing life with real honesty and humour. Find Jessica here 

Alys West, another NWS member whose fairly new blog has already made an impact on me. Alys writes urban fantasy and has some great tales to tell! Find Alys here.

Novelistas Ink: a bunch of fabulous women writers – some traditionally published and some indie – who co-exist peacefully and seem to have lots of launches and cake and alcohol! Find them here

Rosie Amber: This blog is making a big impact lately and is really helping to get readers involved with reviewing books. Find it here

Lizzie Lamb: Lizzie is a complete whirlwind, a social media star! Her indie publishing path is totally inspirational. Find her here

Jane Wenham-Jones: Jane’s book Wannabe a Writer? re-awakened my dormant writing ambitions and her blog is funny and inspirational. Find it here

Famous Five Plus: The tagline on this blog says “Indie authors working together to make a difference” which says it all really…Find it here

WriteMindWritePlace: “Women chatting about their writing world” – five members of the RNA, some full, some NWS. Find them here

The Romaniacs: More members of the RNA with a great blog featuring advice, interviews, reviews and friendly chat. Find the Romaniacs here 

Moonlight and Hares: A really lovely blog featuring “art, craft and things that inspire” from the talented Karen Davis. Find it here

Sally Quilford, Intriguing Romance: “Blog of the independent and traditionally published writer of romantic intrigue, Sally Quilford, AKA ‘Quillers’ ” Find it here

Ailsa Abraham: Ailsa is the author of Shaman’s Drum and Alchemy, published by Crooked Cat, and is a very inspirational person. Find her here

Feel free to check out these blogs, and nominees, please don’t feel obliged to take up the baton. I know you’re all very busy!

Have a great week xx

12 thoughts on “I’m a Very Inspiring Blogger!

    • Well, if left to DH we’d go the most boring, quickest route along all the major roads and miss out on all those lovely views. I love it when we get lost because then you see places you’ve never seen before. Unfortunately, I also get to see DH’s face turn purple…:)


    • Exactly! And it stirs the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing. I try to tell DH this but he just mutters about the cost of petrol *sigh*


  1. We’re delighted to be on your list, Sharon, thanks so much.

    Hope all is going well with your novel and we wish you every success when you publish it.

    The Romaniacs.
    x (x8)


    • Aw, thank you very much. Book 1 is coming out early next year all being well, and I’m waiting for the verdict from the NWS on Book 2. Just starting Book 3 now xx


  2. You’re very welcome. Your blog has been doing great work getting readers to engage and to encourage them to leave reviews. Reviews are so important so well done to you!


    • I shudder to think what they say about me, June. Mostly that I’m very nosy and like to tell fibs to my husband as well as getting all over-emotional in the street and spending too much money on books! Hmm, pretty accurate actually. I cannot deny it 😉 x


  3. Hi Sharon, great 7 facts and a much deserved award. Thanks so much for nominating me but I think I’m going to have to pass. I can do the facts part but I don’t know anyone I can pass it on to! I’m not too bad at the whole blogging malarky but I’m a bit rubbish at following others; haven’t quite got my time organised to do that yet. Think it would be cheeky to do the facts without passing the mantle on. Thanks though xxx


    • Don’t worry about it, Jessica. As I said – I know you’re all very busy and finding 15 blogs that haven’t already been nominated is tricky. I suspect a lot of the ones I nominated already have this award but I still think they deserved it! 🙂 xx


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