The Bright Side of Life

So, where was I? Oh yes, moaning! Well, a lot’s happened since I spoke to you all last and some of it was even good. Actually, it was all good. I’ve had a lovely few weeks, and funnily enough most of it was because other people had good news which cheered me up tremendously.

It’s funny how good things happening to other people can make you feel better. It can lift you and make you feel more positive and hopeful that there are good things in the world. Not easy to believe sometimes when you turn on the news, I know, but it’s nice to look around at people you know and care about and see them smiling and excited. Quite cheers you up if you ask me.

So what’s been happening? Well, first of all, my seventh grandchild is on its way. I know! I’m far too young for all this but hey ho. Baby number seven is due in March and all looks well. I suppose the knock-on effect of having five children yourself is that they produce a positive tribe of offspring. I’m currently considering selling off the contents of my house to pay for Christmas. Except for the books of course. I will never sell those! As an aside, while we’re on the subject of babies, I’m very glad to hear that there’s a new royal baby on the way. Frankly, it was lovely to hear some good stuff on the news at last, since it’s usually so bleak and dismal it makes me want to go back to bed and curl up with the duvet over my head and stay there for the rest of my days. There are many people moaning about it, of course, but a baby’s always good news in my opinion, so good luck to them all.

I’ve also come out of hibernation and attended two social events during the last week! I know, get me! When I say social events, don’t get any grand ideas. I wasn’t at a royal garden party or a red carpet do or anything like that. However, I did drag myself away from the computer and go outside the house – and not to work! 🙂 On the last day of August I headed to York to meet up with my pals Alex and Julie. It was Alex’s birthday (twenty-one again) and she’d booked a table for us and for some of her other friends in a lovely little cafe. We had a lovely time sitting in the sunshine in the courtyard garden at the back of the cafe. We had lots of gossip to share and the food was delicious – even though my “cheese sandwich” when it arrived turned out to be so tall King Kong could have climbed to the top and fought off those aeroplanes. It was pretty hard to eat.

I said to Alex, ‘How the heck am I going to manage to eat this?’ and she replied, ‘I don’t think you can in polite company.’ She was quite right. I had to take it apart and ended up eating it with a knife and fork. Lovely. I’m a class act. Still, there was delicious cake afterwards and the sun shone and we all had a great time so it was all worth it, even if I did get in the car afterwards and discover I had watercress stuck in my teeth. I messaged Alex and Julie demanding to know why they hadn’t informed me and they both swore they hadn’t noticed. Hmm…we’ll let that one pass, ladies.

On Friday evening I went out for a meal for my mother’s birthday. This was a real event as several members of my family met up and went to a newly-opened international restaurant in the city centre. It was packed, and even though we’d booked the table we were hurried in and told we had exactly ninety minutes before we had to vacate the premises as they were booked solid. Charming. Great first impressions and all that. However, I have to say, the food was absolutely delicious and it was one of those all-you-can eat places where you get a plate and just keep going back for more. And more. And more. Since we’re all Yorkshire born and bred we like to get value for money, so back we went, until we could barely move from the table. My mother, who is far more restrained than the rest of us, sat there looking pretty disgusted with the lot of us as we lay back in our chairs groaning and unfastening waistbands but somehow still finding the energy to head back to the counter the minute dessert was mentioned. We finally left five minutes short of the ninety, practically crawling up the stairs into the street and looking alarmingly green while my mother trotted on ahead of us and tried to pretend she didn’t know us. Oh well, it was fun!

I’ve been cheered by people’s good news all week. As announced on Facebook, my dear friend Julie, aka Jessica Redland, has been offered a three book publishing deal. I’m thrilled to bits for her because she really wanted this, and she’s worked so hard to get it. Julie’s a lovely person and I can’t wait to read her first novel, Searching for Steven. Julie’s fellow Write Romantic, the lovely Jay Bartlett is also celebrating as her debut novel has been snapped up and will be published in ebook and print in the spring. It really couldn’t happen to two nicer people. I want autographs, girls!

The Write Romantics’ competition winner was announced. As you know, the ladies are putting together a charity anthology and have been running a competition for someone to name it. Liz Berry came up with Winter Tales and duly won a £20 Amazon voucher. Congratulations Liz! Winter Tales – Stories to Warm Your Heart will be available in print and for your Kindle in November.  I will finally be a published author! Yay!

And my own bit of good news? Book Three is finally flowing. I had a good long chat with my hero and heroine, as promised, and they shared their deepest darkest fears and desires with me. I had a bit of a rethink and then sat down to make a scene plan and what do you know? It worked. I’ve been happily writing away all week and am feeling happy and positive again. It may not seem much in the scheme of things but, believe me, it’s a weight off my mind. And after the amount I’ve eaten this week a weight off anything is good news, right?

Have a great week xx


8 thoughts on “The Bright Side of Life

  1. Fabulous post as always, Sharon, and I’m delighted to hear your third novel is flowing again. I know you were feeling really down about this from previous posts and our conversation at Alex’s birthday do. Knew you’d get there! Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my good news and the Write Romantics’ announcement. It’s all go at the moment in WRHQ! As soon as Alex is back from her hols, we’ll sort out another date for a good old catch up. xxx


  2. Lovely post Sharon and thanks for the mention – I feel almost famous 😉 Congratulations on the birth of grandchild number seven and, you are right, you do look far too young. Really glad to hear that book 3 is going well again and I can’t wait to hear the news about book 2 when the verdict is in and it’s ready for beta reading. So much going on and I’m sure we’ll be arranging an online party for the launch of ‘Winter Tales’ – all you can eat cake? I’m in! xx


    • Virtual cake is probably the wisest thing for me given the amount I’ve eaten the last couple of weeks! 🙂 I still haven’t had Book Two back. I’ve stopped looking out for the post now. And what do you mean, almost famous? Come the spring you’ll be a published author and I’ll be ordering a signed copy. Can’t wait! ♡


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