Hocus Pocus ’14 by Various Authors

Hallowe’en’s coming and it’s the time of year when we all love to be scared. This collection of short stories is just the ticket if you fancy snuggling up by the fire, all alone in the house, feeling the hairs on the back of your neck stand up on end. A collection of creepy tales by some truly fabulous authors, this anthology is quite gripping. I read it in one night, flicking through the stories which all proved to be highly entertaining and easy to read.
Every story is a good one – no weak links in here. Some are quite short, some are more like novellas. Some have flashes of humour. Others are out and out spooky. I have read novels by Lynda Renham, Adrienne Vaughan and Lizzie Lamb before, but these shorts are nothing like their full-length books. All three demonstrated their ability to switch to short stories with apparent ease, and I was also introduced to some fabulous authors whose work I haven’t read before, and I will be much more eager to seek out their novels in the future.
A great showcase of talent, I am loathe to single out any one story for individual praise. The two novellas stick in the mind, possibly due to their length, but both were excellent. For sheer gross-out value you can’t beat The Last Leg by S A Edward – although avoid it if you’re about to have your supper.
Interspersed with the fictional tales are creepy real-life anecdotes which will make you wonder and maybe reach out to flick on the light switch…
Seriously, I enjoyed every one of these stories and at such a bargain price you simply can’t go wrong. Grab a copy and prepare to be spooked. Happy Hallowe’en!

Seed of Doubt by Adrienne Vaughan
Letter for Ray by Carolyn Mahony
Heaven Must be Missing an Angel by Jules Wake
The Last Leg by S A Edward
Lovespelled by Jane O’Reilly
Clarissa by Lynda Renham
Orange Blossom by Mary Jane Hallowell (short novella)
Jumping the Queue by Lizzie Lamb
Haunted House by Alison May
The Soul Stealer by Tina K. Burton
Green Man Rising by Litty Williams
Insubstantial Evidence by Tracy Burton
When Dreams Return by Debbie Flint (short novella)
Bonus Material -– true life spooky tales & poem

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