The End of the Beginning

Just look at that picture! Sorry, but I just had to share. I mean, it’s not every day that your very own novel goes up forScreenshot 2015-02-14 04.07.26 pre-order on Amazon, is it? And, yes, I did pre-order a copy for myself.

It seems, sometimes, that I’ve been writing There Must Be An Angel forever. It’s really hard to believe that, in a matter of weeks, it will actually be available for anyone to read, but it’s true. On March 28th, my book will be released. My baby will be sent out into the world. It’s an extraordinary feeling. I’ve often tried to imagine what it would be like when this moment arrived, but, quite honestly, it’s difficult to describe. It all feels slightly surreal. That can’t be my book on the screen, can it? But it is!

I really hope that anyone who reads it will enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed writing it – most of the time. I love the setting for the story, and I’ve really enjoyed visiting Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire coast, taking photographs and immersing myself in the beauty of the place. It’s so lovely, I couldn’t help but be inspired to base my fictional Kearton Bay there.

I’ve had a strange week. I’m not a natural self-publicist. Far from it. I’m happy to promote anyone else’s books and I do, frequently, but my own work is a different matter. Now that Angel is up on Amazon, the situation has changed slightly. As a certain fictional character I’m slightly fond of is often heard to say, ‘The game is on!’

I’ve had to post news of the book’s imminent release on Twitter and Facebook, and inform my friends and family. Even a couple of my bosses have learned of its existence, and have questioned me about it. One of them has pre-ordered it! Yikes! The other has promised he will read it, too. Double yikes! One of my workmates said she wouldn’t mind her friends reading a book she’d written, but she’d hate her bosses to read it. I assured her that it’s just as nerve-wracking to think of my friends reading it!

I’m torn, really, because I want people to buy it and enjoy it – but I’m scared stiff when anyone says they’re going to read it! I suppose, once the initial shock has died down, I will relax a little and just enjoy the whole thing. After all, it’s taken me a long time to get to this point. I want to make the most of the experience. I will never have a debut novel out again.

So, make a note of it, please. March 28th. Not long to go! I always thought that, when the book was finally available to buy, that was the end of the story. In fact, it’s just the beginning. I have so much to do to get There Must Be An Angel noticed, and that’s not the only thing I’m working on. I’m about to send Book Two to the beta-readers and then turn my attention to Book Three. It’s all go!

I will be having a Facebook launch party and I hope some of you will be able to pop by. I will post more details nearer the date. I still can’t believe that a germ of an idea that popped into my head nearly three and a half years ago, took root and produced an actual novel! My old English teacher would be so proud. 🙂

You can pre-order There Must Be An Angel here.

Have a great week xx

9 thoughts on “The End of the Beginning

  1. What a wonderful sight! You’re so right to be sharing it and being proud and I absolutely hope that this is the start of some major self-promotion on your part. Angel is a fabulous book and I just know that everyone else who reads it is going to think so too. I’m going to be following your journey with interest as the first debut Write Romantics debut to be launched this year. You have an amazing social media following who should all support you (given how brilliant you’ve done for them). You’ll soon be posting images saying you’re in the top 100, top 75, top 50, top 10 …. xxx


    • Thanks, Julie. I’m not that confident! But I really appreciate your support and your faith in me and in There Must Be An Angel. Can’t believe it’s almost here at last. Soon be your turn! xx


  2. Congratulations, Sharon! I’m so pleased for you and I know exactly how that feels, having only just experienced it myself. I feel quite similar to you in that I know I need to publicise my book out there but I still feel a bit shy about it. The lovely thing is though that people will do it for you as well, as you’ve just done for me this morning and that gives you a lovely warm glow when people are so generous on your behalf. So we’ll all be there waiting to help you when the time comes and because you’ve spent time building up relationships online, you’ll be surprised how much comes back to you when you need it most 🙂 I love that picture btw and really want to know how you did it!!


  3. Be loud. Be proud. You’ve earned it; and to quote a certain hair product advert – you’re worth it. A writer has to promote herself and get her book out to the widest possible readership. Good luck from me and New Romantics Press.


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