My Monday guest, Sharon Booth, author of fun-filled fiction with a heart

I’ve been interviewed on the lovely Siobhan Daiko’s blog!

Siobhan Daiko

Today, I’m absolutely delighted to welcome the lovely Sharon Booth.


Please tell us something about yourself, Sharon.

I write contemporary romance—”Fun-filled fiction with heart”. My first two books, There Must Be an Angel and A Kiss from a Rose, are the first half of the Kearton Bay series, set in a fictional village on the North Yorkshire coast, inspired by Robin Hood’s Bay. I’ve also had a People’s Friend pocket novel published recently. I’m one tenth of the Write Romantics, a blogger, a sugar addict, a Whovian, and I’m shamefully prone to getting huge crushes on gorgeous actors.

Ah! How would you describe yourself as a colour?

I’d love to say I’m a deep, mysterious, purple kind of person, or a sexy midnight blue or something. If I’m being honest, though, I’m definitely a pastel person. I can’t stay too serious for too long, and…

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