And the winner is…

cracker-1245584_1920Congratulations to Christine Corkill, who is the lucky winner of a signed copy of This Other Eden! Thank you to everyone who entered the draw, and remember , you can buy the Kindle version of the book by clicking on the link at the side of this post, or if you want the paperback, it’s available here (UK) or here (USA).





This Other Eden is the first in the Skimmerdale series, and the second will be out next year. I really enjoyed my jaunt over to the Yorkshire Dales, and can’t wait to return there to see what everyone’s been up to.  Here’s what people have been saying about This Other Eden

“I so loved this book! If you love Ozzy Osbourne and P.G.Wodehouse then this book is a must!”

“The stunning Yorkshire Dales, a gorgeous brooding young farmer, and lots of secrets. What’s not to love about this fabulous novel?”

“A hugely entertaining jaunt of a novel through the Yorkshire dales.”

“This story, set against the backdrop of sheep farming in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales is a must read.”

“I adored this fabulous tale of love, lies and mistaken identity.”

This Other Eden ebook cover V4 (1)


Eden wants to keep her job, and, as that means spending the summer caring for three young children in the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales, she has no choice but to go along with it. Her consolation prize is that their father is unexpectedly gorgeous. Sadly for Eden, she’s not quite herself any longer…
Honey wants to spend the summer with her married politician lover. The only problem is, there are quite a few people determined to put obstacles in her path. But what Honey wants, Honey usually gets…
Cain wants a knighthood and is willing to sacrifice almost anything for it. If his daughter is putting that goal in jeopardy, it’s time to get tough…
Lavinia wants to keep her marriage intact, and if that means turning a blind eye to her husband’s philandering, she’ll do it. But that doesn’t mean she can’t have someone else spying for her…
Eliot wants to care for his children, and to be left in peace to heal. When he gets an unexpected guest, he wonders if it’s time to start living again. But is this sheep farmer having the wool pulled over his eyes?
Cake baking, jam making, gymkhana games and sheep showing. Blackmail, deception, spying and cheating. Laughter, forgiveness, redemption and falling in love. A lot can happen during one summer in Skimmerdale…


Have a great week!

Sharonxxx (3)


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