Fur Coat & No Knickers by Adrienne Vaughan

Oh, I really adored this book! I have read Adrienne Vaughan’s full-length novels and loved them all – The Hollow Heart, A Change of Heart, and Secrets of the Heart, highly recommended! – so I was a bit worried, if I’m being really honest, about reading her collection of short stories. Could someone, so clearly gifted at writing novels, transfer that talent to the craft of short story writing? It’s not as straightforward as many people suppose. Full-length books and short stories are different beasts and take different skills. Could Adrienne do it?

Well, of course she could! And so she did. This collection is absolutely wonderful. It’s a series of snapshots – peeps into the lives of a varied assortment of characters. Each and every one of them is interesting, but for different reasons. Some are poignant, some hilariously funny. My favourite stories were: The Messenger, a longer short story, absolutely gripping, with some beautiful characterisation; Fur Coat and No Knickers, which is really witty and amusing; the gentle story of The Adventuress; and the heart-rending A Visit at Christmas.

But the book doesn’t just showcase Adrienne’s talent for short story writing. It also shows off her poetic skills. I loved the variety of poems, sprinkled between the short stories, signalling a change of mood, or heralding a forthcoming story theme, or simply providing a breathing space before plunging the reader headlong into the next tale. Among my favourites are A Pink Day, Friends in Graveyards, Marco – My Eldest (bliss!), Southsands September, and Middle Aged Crush.

When I started reading this, I really did think it would be the sort of book that I would be able to dip in and out of, reading a story here, a poem there…Little did I realise how addictive the contents of this book would be! I read it all in two sittings, and it would have been one sitting if it wasn’t for the annoying matter of the pesky day job!

In conclusion, all I can really say is, try this book for yourself. It really is a delight, and I hope Adrienne releases another volume of short stories and poems soon. Well, as soon as she’s published her next novel, please. 🙂 5/5

You can buy Fur Coat and No Knickers here.



10 thoughts on “Fur Coat & No Knickers by Adrienne Vaughan

  1. What a super review for Great collection of short stories and poems. I can tell from your comments that you really enjoyed it, as did I! In work so hard with her writing and works full time too, she deserves all the success comes her way. Thanks Sharon, are you find the time to read and review as many books as you do. More power to your pen.

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    • Thanks, Lizzie. I have reading spurts! Wish I could read as much all year round, but it’s not always possible, depending where I’m at with the writing. I will be reading fewer books in the very near future while I get on with my own, so trying to read as much as I can now. I love reading! And there are so many great stories luring me away from my laptop…😊

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      • I stopped reading for the moment until I finish my novel, because I find it so easy to unwittingly copy of the writing styles and phrases!

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  2. Wow and wow again! Brought a tear of joy to my eye, Sharon, thank you so much for your wonderful, warm words. I’m sure you feel the same but whenever I waiver on the writing front … Is it worth it? Shall I take up worm farming? … Something like this happens and I take a deep breath, fill my pen with ink and dive back in! You’ve no idea how timely this is. Thank you, you’re a lifesaver! X

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    • Oh yes, I understand that feeling. I have wavered so many times, and you’re right, a positive review or a message from a reader can change everything. I’m so glad this review lifted your spirits. You should never doubt yourself but, of course, you will! Keep going, Adrienne. Looking forward to seeing what scandal has rocked The Seahorse Hotel! xx

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